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Where Innovation and Experience Meet

What's tough enough to tackle heavy grime and gentle enough to wipe away dust?

Plasto-Polish's innovative 2 in 1 cleaning clothes and scouring sponges, recently introduced to the market. The one side wipes, while the other side scours.

These innovative patented products are just some of the high-quality products created by Plasto-Polish. Its R&D division is constantly working to create new products that make household cleaning easier and more effective.

Everything you need, under one roof
Plasto-Polish is one of the few companies that manufacture the entire range of cleaning products under one roof, including scouring sponges, scouring pads, steel wool, "magic erasers", cleaning cloths, and more. This third-generation company has years of expertise and experience behind its extensive product line, producing millions of scouring products that have enjoyed international success.

Any color, material, size, or shape
At Plasto-Polish, versatility is the watchword: Customers select the materials, colors, sizes, and shapes required. The company's advanced production line utilizes a wide variety of materials including polypropylene, metalized polyester, stainless steel, copper, abrasive fibers, and more.
Scours without scratching
Plasto-Polish's scouring sponges comprises high-density, strong knitted material with an ultrasonic smooth finish (no unsightly sewing). It's the combination of high-quality, strong materials, aesthetic design, and high-tech machinery that leads to superior scouring sponges that are effective, long-lasting, and nice to touch.

Quality you can trust
When it comes to cleaning products, there's a lot to choose from. But if you want innovation and guaranteed quality, opt for the professionals. Plasto-Polish develops and manufactures private-label products for some of the world's leading brands, including Kimberley-Clarke and 3M.

Tried and tested
The efficacy of the company's anti-bacterial scouring pads has been extensively tested in laboratories in Canada and the United States. Its products hold kosher certification.

From design to finished product
Focused on service excellence, Plasto-Polish continues to introduce new products to meet market needs.

2 in 1: Just the thing to get the job done - in one handy, effective product.
Plasto-Polish's high-tech manufacturing line.

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